Are you ready to become the MAIN EVENT Man you have always wanted to be?
What if you could STOP being a spectator?
And START being the one LIVING a life people can’t help but keep their eyes on?
Brother! It is time to stop being like everyone else and start living a life full of excitement, love, and purpose! Right now, your fear of rejection has you glued to your seat. Just another butt in the audience in the arena of life WISHING it was you getting a shot at the "Main Event".

The arena is full of everyday people who do everyday things. They're going along the path that was expected of them. The guys in the Main Event, though? They made their own path. They fought the unknown, uncertainty, criticism, failure, pain, and everything else life handed them when they weren't accepted as the men they knew themselves to be. They kept going though. They turned all their fear into effort, grew into men worthy of the Main Event, and got lives they loved because it.

Most importantly, they didn't let all that fear stop them from starting in the first place. They got off their butts and into the fight. 

If you are wondering why you haven't started that business, or asked for that raise, or found your perfect mate yet, then you may also be one of the guys envying the ones who were living a Main Event lifestyle. What if I told you, by overcoming that fear of rejection, EVERYTHING you want is within your reach?

What if you could:

-Have the career that you’ve always wanted
-Feel stronger and more attractive than ever before
-Approach and speak to any attractive individual with ease
-Build the relationship you have always desired
- Keep fear, anxiety, and depression from stopping you
-Feel free to be the real YOU
It’s easier to hide in the crowd
But it’s also the fastest way to keep your dream life a dream
Rejection is a VERY real possibility when you're putting yourself out there...
And the fear of rejection is probably because you feel like you don’t have what it takes to take that big step that will take you from “what you have” to “what you REALLY want” in your life. 

When that feeling dominates

- You can’t ask that girl out
- You don’t see a way to make more money
- You aren’t happy in your own skin
- You feel like can’t freely be yourself

So you’ve played it safe. Let others do the stepping around you and oftentimes over you.  You take what you can get by day and look forward to more of the same by night. You’re content with Netflix and chilling alone or with that "one" person. You know, the one that’s “good enough”. And much like the rest of your life, good enough is good enough....

Or is it?

What if you could obliterate those feelings of being unworthy, undesirable, and hidden? What if you could get out of the audience starting TODAY, get into the fight, and start your journey to the MAIN EVENT?!

I’m here to tell you, you can and you will with the... 

PERFECT for any man who is ready to overcome their fear and start fighting for the life they want!
This is you if you’re the kind of man who:

-wants to rise to his true potential
-wants the confidence to put his authentic self out there
-wants to attract potential partners powerfully
-wants to build bullet proof relationships
-wants make more $$$ doing what it is he loves to do
-wants to build his body a place of honor and pride
-wants to be seen for the amazing man he is
-wants to stop settling for “good enough” and start LIVING

Don't Just Take My Word For it
Check Out What Other Men Are Saying About
LeRoy and MAIN EVENT Man
Meet Clay
LeRoy understands me
I can relate to him - having only worked with him for only a short period of time he gets his message across clearly and realistically. If you have the opportunity to work with him, you will gain so much from such an admirable person. 

I was scared of putting myself out there but once I did I went from basic life to being a top prospect in the world of professional wrestling
My name is LeRoy Gordon and I thought I had my path
After spending five years as a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter and achieving my purple belt. I truly was in great physical condition, dating a great woman (also a fighter), and working in a great gym but life was not great. I knew I wanted to be a professional wrestler but buried that deep inside because I’d been made fun of for that desire before. I’d be set up for failure and ridicule. So, I hid myself and desires and just did BJJ which is considered to be more legitimate. Though things had every reason to be “great”, life was colorless and felt empty. Little did I know, I only had one more BJJ competition in me before experiencing the absolute deepest depression I’d ever felt. I couldn’t stand to be around the dojo. I couldn’t even connect with my girlfriend over what brought us together anymore. I had all but quit something I poured 5 years into.

Feeling passion again seemed like an impossibility

I took this time to watch more wrestling and connect with a medium I’d loved since I was 8 years old. (Funny how being true to yourself can bring that sense of refreshment, huh?) I went to a show with my cousin at Allstate Arena in Chicago. I can still smell the popcorn and the hear buzz of the people as they poured into the building. The CHAMPION at the time was from our city. His name was CM Punk, and you could feel electricity in the air as the stadium was primed to explode the second his music dropped. And when the inevitable happened, the building exploded into ear splitting cheers. At that moment, something inside of me snapped. “Why not me?", I said to myself. If this seemingly normal man can be:
-on that stage
-in that ring breaking rules
-kicking ass + taking names


Now, you may not desire to step out of your introverted life and into the shoes of a rockstar BUT there are reasons why you don't have the job, money, partner or anything else you say you want. The same reasons that kept me from wrestling are the same ones that are keeping you from taking your next step and kicking ass and taking names in your own arena

I had a lot of work to do

“I need to learn to wrestle.” ->  I found a school.

“But aren’t I too small?” -> I lifted harder and ate more than I ever have in my life. 

The small obstacles that are simply a matter of learning become simple when you get past your excuses. But the most difficult reason of all sums up most of the difficulty you face when it’s time to make your big move that will get you into the fight. It will stop you cold and beat you down again and again until you truly believe you can take no further action.

What will people think?

  ^That thought
 and all its forms took hold of me time and time again

Have you ever thought: 

-Does this look good?
-Does this look bad?
-Do people think I’m cool?
-I will look stupid if I….

I KNOW I have

Deep down all those questions were my FEAR 

-What if fans don’t like me?
-What will my friends say about me?
-What about my standing in the BJJ world? 
-Are people in the fighting world going to ridicule me?
-No one wants to date a guy “playing” around as a wrestler
-I’m never going to be good enough at this.

It took some time to call it what it was. Every worry about what other people would say was nothing but me giving into my fear of REJECTION

I wanted to do anything I could to avoid that feeling in the pit of my stomach.  The feeling that invades your body when you get broken up with. That feeling that makes me you feel like you have to puke but nothing would come out because you're empty

All I could picture was a wrestling coach telling me I was too small

 Or making it to the big stage and coming through the curtain then having trash thrown at me to a chorus of boos

Or finding a woman I loved that wouldn't be with me because I couldn't provide financially as an upcomer

 I did not know how I could live with myself if I left my old world behind, just to be rejected by the new world I was trying to enter

I would've given anything to stay away from all of that. I didn't want to feel dread that leads up to rejection, the loneliness that follows, or the straight up pain that lingers. It sucks to not be accepted even when it feels like you're just trying to be the best YOU possible

This fear pops up for a lot of people. Especially when they are moving forward to seize more than the "good enough" life has provided. The difference between the me from back then,  the you from right now and the MAIN EVENT men that preceded us was their response to that fear

 I know, brother, because this is where things got interesting for me because my response to this is the key to everything I got and everything you CAN get. Ready?

I found the "right stuff" inside of me.

I created more tools to help me in the fight.

I chose to have courage and look rejection right in the eye.

I decided I didn’t give a solitary f#@& what anyone thought!

Every reason, excuse, and otherwise b.s. explanation holding me back became irrelevant and Roy “Flash” Gordon was born
I forgot about what anyone else had to say/think/otherwise contribute to what I was doing. I had lived life up to this point hiding what it is I wanted to do or was interested in my entire life. I did this (and you ARE doing this) because I believed looking good to people was more important than being true to myself. When you let go of that and choose COURAGE, you will let go of ALL of the fear that was stopping you before and become the MAIN EVENT Man you were always meant to be

Nearly 7 years later I’ve wrestled all over the U.S., Canada, and even Australia! I’ve been on WWE Television, had a tryout match in their world famous WWE Performance Center, and even shaken hands with Vince McMahon. Ever since I made the “eff em” decision I have:

- Performed athletic feats I’d only dreamt of as a kid
- Been places I’d never been
- Dated AMAZING women AND made invaluable lifelong friendships
- Avoided that feeling of emptiness and burnout that started me down this path
-Remained filled with passion for whatever I choose to have in my life
- Gained control of my life and purpose
- Become unstoppable

And now it's time to get you some of that!

How you’ll become a MAIN EVENT MAN
In 12 weeks, I'll help you dig deep to pick apart your fear of rejection and help you take on the possibility of rejection head on every. single. time. 

 I’ll take you a three system process that guarantees:
 Self-love that will transform all of your relationships
(and definitely get you new ones) 

A battle-ready body bursting with the energy and confidence to carry you through your new life
The (vulner) ability to turn your perceived weaknesses into the one true power that will take your life from a basic bro to badass
How you’ll become a MAIN EVENT MAN
In 12 weeks I’ll take you a three system process that guarantees:
 Self-love that will transform all of your relationships
(and definitely get you new ones)

A battle-ready body bursting with the energy and confidence to carry you through your new life
The (vulner)ability to turn your perceived weaknesses into the one true power that will take your life from a basic bro to badass
What can I say about Coach LeRoy? LeRoy has this thing...  whatever mood you might be in, he pushes you in a way that allows you to be the best version of yourself, no matter the circumstance. Most of the time, you don’t even realize the time that flies by in his classes because that is how good he is at what he does. Pretty much at the end of the day, Leroy exhumes motivation and inspiration and that’s what so great about him and why he’s become the best coach not only in the area, but also in the state of Illinois.

OUR 12 WEEKS together will be spent fulfilling commitments to the 3 pillars of the “MAIN EVENT Man”
In just 12 weeks you will transform yourself body, mind, and spirit from the unfulfilled man who’s in the audience watching life happen into the confident, strong, and unstoppable MAN who’s forging the you’ve always wanted. We will get you there with:
Weekly 1 on 1 Coaching Calls
so that we can dive deep into the vision you create for your future, put you on that path, keep you accountable while powerfully pursuing that vision and turn you into a MAIN EVENT Man
 12 Week Personalized Workout Program
which will help you save precious time and get everything you want outside the gym by spending your time effectively inside of it INCLUDING Access to Weekly Zoom Workouts led by LeRoy!
Weekly Guided Meditation Recording
that will help you begin each day with clarity, focus, and ability to put your best foot forward each day leading to a more emotionally healthy you
MAIN EVENT Man Journal with 72 Prompts
so you can write, brother! You’ll pick apart everything that has stopped you in the past, develop massive self awareness, and follow with massive action toward your MAIN EVENT life SOONER
You'll Also Get These MAIN EVENT Bonuses
When You Join MAIN EVENT Man
BONUS Call recording
so you can come back later, if needed, and be fully present with me during the call instead of taking notes
BONUS Access to Weekly Zoom Workout ($384 VALUE)
 so you can have another source of accountability to hold you to your goals and community of people like you to lean on
BONUS 24/7 Email and WhatsApp Support
so you feel free to reach out for guidance in between our calls to keep you accountable and on track to being the man you want to be!

Quit Free Guarantee
I am SO confident that we can make you stronger than ever before and level up your life, that if after our first call together you aren’t completely mind blown about the future you’re about to create, you can just let me know. I’ll give your money right back, we will part ways, and that first hour together will be on me!

Frequently Asked Questions
What if it doesn’t work?
As soon as you sign up, you’ll feel the impact of the massive action you’ve taken to change your life. If you’re here, you’ve never taken that action before. That’s investing in and betting on yourself, brother. If you can do that, together, we can get you the rest of the way. And if that’s not enough, take a look at my Quit Free Guarantee.
Will you be training me through the workout program?
No, though it’s part of our relationship, my primary role for you is not “Fitness Coach” Your workouts will be designed to be performed on your own with whatever you have access to and with your specific goals in mind so that you can fulfill commitments within all 3 pillars of the program. Completing them without any further guidance from me is part of deepening your commitment to a strong body but also deepening your commitment to yourself.
Is 3 months the only length of time available?
It will take at least 3 months to create a life changing impact. It gives us time for building new habits and dismantling old ones. It gives your body time to transform into a stronger one. You didn’t create the life you have in less than 3 months and alone it might take you years to even start down the path of creating a new one. I’ll get you to that new life in 3 months. IF you want to go even deeper and get longer term accountability, ask about my 6 and 12 month programs.
 Are you in the WWE?
I’ve tried out for the WWE and gotten some work as “extra talent” which allowed me to be inside their ring on multiple occasions and work with some of their amazing talent- even a few of my childhood heroes! All experiences that were some of the most fun of my life. Though I did not get on contract, I never ever would’ve gotten close if I did not begin my journey when I did. There was no time to waste for me then and there is no more time to waste for you now!
How much does it cost?
We will talk about the investment you’ll be making into your future as a MAIN EVENT Man on our call after we have determined if it is a good fit for the two of us! There are a few different tier options so that you can decide what is right for you, brother! 
LeRoy exemplifies the ideals of living out one’s passions. His took him to gold-medaling at regional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments, and earning international fandom in professional wrestling.
Just one of these accomplishments would be enough to keep a modest man happy, but LeRoy always demonstrates a strong desire to self-test and grow. Over the years, I have witnessed LeRoy cultivate his abilities to communicate, build relationships, and lead. Most would benefit from honing these qualities—both professionally and personally—and LeRoy has demonstrated the ability to help others improve in these spaces.
There are few I would recommend as a personal coach with the level of confidence and admiration I hold for LeRoy. His passion and drive are contagious. He is empathetic and offers a holistic world-view. And he will never let anyone settle into complacency. If you want to reach the next level—personally or professionally—talk to LeRoy.

CONGRATULATIONS on getting this far
It means you’re ready to be one of only FOUR new champs I work with this month
It also means you are ready to make a change in your life. How many times have you been ready before though? It could be another few years of you being ready but never pulling that trigger. Together, brother, we will get smash past “ready” and get you on the path to your life as a 
Take the step. Pull the trigger. Hit that button below. Let’s get started, brother!

Ready to get UP and into the FIGHT?
(And thrust kick every barrier standing between you and your dream life into pieces?)
P.S. I still remember how I felt walking out from behind the curtain for the first time in my first pro wrestling show. I was so anxious, like sick to my stomach, I almost couldn’t do it. I know you’re feeling something similar right now, brother. If I didn’t take that first little step beyond that little curtain(and trust me it was little), I wouldn’t have even gotten the chance to feel what it was like to walk through a WWE curtain(a lot bigger). And I wouldn’t know the passion, love, and fulfillment I got from that day and countless like it. Now it’s your turn to decide. Will you turn back… or see what’s on the other side of that curtain for you?
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